Saraswati Borobudur Hotel treat you as an important person and provides services with warm hospitality to make sure that you will feel like home. We will indulge you with luxurious classical interior setting enriched with traditional and international gourmet and snacks served with art and beautiful tradition. 

In Saraswati Borobudur Hotel, we will make sure that you will have more than just a place to stay, but also unique culture, fascinating art, and great wisdom that you can bring home too. 

View of Merapi Mountain

Merapi Mountain is
the world’s greatest volcano mountain. 

Access to Borobudur

The hotel provides easy access to Borobudur, the largest temple in the world.
This special access takes only
5 minutes walking to the temple. 

About 1.5 hour from Yogyakarta

The hotel can be accessed by regency road from Yogyakarta for about 1.5 hour. Although it is not a national road, but the condition of the road is good. 

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